Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Typical Day

The weather is absolutely beautiful down here right now! It is bright and sunny outside with a little breeze. The temperature is 75. It is gorgeous! I am trying to enjoy it. Unfortunately I have had a tendency here lately to be negative about the weather rather than enjoy it, because it is not very fall like. I LOVE the crisp fall air, and I have been missing it. BUT.... I need to not focus on the negative and see the positive. I am thankful that we are not freezing down here.

My praise for the day is that Justus seems to be much better! He has had a very good day. I have only heard him cough one time!!

We are doing the usual stuff around here today. I went to school. After school I went on a few hospital visits with Aaron. We grabbed a salad for lunch. I am going to go get the kids from school. Then I will get some more work done for the children's play at church. Tonight we will go to church.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I was down there in that warm weather!!