Sunday, November 1, 2009


First, yes, I must address the fact that I haven't posted on here in over a month. OH MY!! It has been a long time. I have been really busy with our life at home, church, and school. There are so many things to catch you up on that I don't even know where to begin, so I just won't right now. I will post some of the pictures that you missed out on--like Justus' birthday. I can't believe I didn't post any. I will try to be-no, I will be- much better from now on. I will at least post once a week. I use to be good about posting every day. So let me do this.... I will post something everyday. I will at least post one thing that I am thankful for everyday.

I really enjoy the month of November. The weather is cool and crisp--Well, sort of. Down here in lower AL that is questionable. I bake lots of yummy goodies in the kitchen during November and December. It is the one time of year that I really get into the baking. I already started this past week I made cute little sugar cookies in fall shapes, miniature pumpkin pies, and regular pumpkin pies. This coming week I am going to make pumpkin rolls and some more sugar cookies. We eat lots of the goodies ourselves, and we give some of them away as gifts.

I have already started the Christmas shopping. I want to have the majority of it bought and wrapped by Thanksgiving! However, the rest of it I will get during those really good sales after Thanksgiving. I am also making a few gifts for Christmas this year. Those homemade ones are the best anyway--more thought, time, and effort goes into those.

My thankful thought #1-I am thankful that I got to turn my calendar to November today!!


John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

HEY... nice to see you back :) thanks for the comment about Mikalah's dress. I've been keeping up with you on facebook

Becky said...

I am so glad to see you in blog land again!! You have been in my thoughts lately and the next thing I knew you posted on my blog. :-) said...

Gorgeous family!!