Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Big Deal

Today I am thankful for a good night's sleep. Ida made landfall last night. It was a very weak storm. I didn't hear a thing through the night. We do have tons of rain. We will most definitely see some flooding, but that will be the worst of it.

We do have a two day break from school now. We have today off because of the weather, and we have tomorrow off because of Veterans Day.


John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

I'm glad your first acquaintance with a gulf storm was so mellow! I, also, am not a fan of large storms... I lived about 2 hours from a major hurricane landing spot for most of my childhood... and one time the eye was just beginning to dissipate when it went through our city - and I slept through the entire thing! with my window open!... our neighborhood was littered with branches and other debris and my family's yard was completely clear!! God can do amazing things in a storm!

we have much of that rain here today, grey and dreary... a good movie/cuddle day!

Becky said...

Glad to hear it was not a biggie. Whew!