Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Visit With Kayla at PCC

Yesterday we went to visit Kayla at PCC. We took her out to eat off campus. Then we went to the Sports Center at PCC. Boy is that place amazing! It was nice when I was college age, but now it is crazy. They have sooooo many neat things in there. The kids had so much fun. We took them ice skating.

Chloe finally got the hang of it.

We met Jackie, a freshman from St. Louis, she helped Asher and Abbie around the rink.

This is a small portion of the HUGE indoor climbing wall. Look at Asher looking up. He was amazed.

Kayla with the kiddos in front of one of the small climbing walls.
The indoor volleyball courts. Upstairs around the courts is for inline skating. Behind the foggy looking glass wall in the back right of the picture is the indoor waterpark.

Here is a portion of the indoor water park. The water park has three waterslides and a wave/surfing pool.

The kids in front of one of the fake trees throughout the Sports Center Addition
We got home around 5:30. The kids were exhausted. Abbie and Justus did walk into to the house on their own, but by the time I got in they were like this in the hallway.

This is how I found the boys this morning--in my bed.

I got up to go check on the girls. At the same time this is how I found the girls--in Abbie's bed.


Shane and Kristy Davis said...

That place is amazing.
We know a former pastor in Kamloops, BC that is a brother of Mr. Horton, which is the founder(I think). They were telling us all about the place.

Becky said...

Wow! That water park is awesome. The kids sleeping in the hallway makes me smile.