Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pics From the Past Week

The girls in their Thanksgiving dresses. They look like candy corn. They are suppose to have their initials monogrammed on the white part, but that is a LONG story of why they are not.

Our church had a father/son campout this past weekend. Aaron and Asher went. Asher had so much fun. I think he felt like a big boy out there.

Asher before he left. It wasn't really that cold, but he was prepared. The boy with him is Zach.

YEAH! I helped get the tent up.
This is the clay pigeon gun. Asher got on the wrong side of the arm. He has a big bruise.

Asher skeet shooting.

Asher fishing. He caught 4 fish ALL BY HIMSELF!

Aaron and Asher

All the little guys

In the tent getting ready for bed

Asher roasting marshmellows

All the older guys

Abigail had her first guitar lesson last weekend.

Bro. Clarence from our church is giving her lessons.

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Becky said...

Love those candy corn dresses, so cute!! Glad the boys had a good time camping.