Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pictures That Should Already Be Posted

Justus' 2nd Birthday Dinner at O'Charley's with some friends from church. Notice that all of my kids have food hanging out of their mouths.Justus really got into the birthday cake.

At home he kept sneaking into the cupcakes and eating them. Look at how happy he is though.

However, by the time we got around to the singing at home, this is all that was left of the cupcakes--some crumbs.

Justus loves playing his new piano.
Justus opening his new preschool computer.
Later on, this is how I found these two. They had grabbed pizza without asking and decided to just lay on the couch and eat it. What were they thinking? They aren't allowed to eat in the living room. I am sure that this is the first of many more pics to come in the years ahead of my two boys on the couch eating pizza and watching t.v.

The girls in their new monogrammed church dresses.

I got a great deal on these--only $20.

The girls with their friends from church. Kirsten, Abbie, Chloe, and Bryslynn.

A week ago there was a bad accident in our neighborhood. This is the view of the helicopter from my front porch. Even though it was a tragic event, it was the neatest thing to have a helicopter land in our front yard.


Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Love, love, love the dresses! $20-no way!
They are so Alabamian:)
Miss that good old southern style... nanny still sends some:)

John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

Love the dresses also... Justus is so funny with those cupcakes :) and I'm sure there's worse things than eating pizza on the couch - not sure what, but I'm sure there is :)

Deborah said...

Great photos!