Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Need Your Opinion

I saw these yesterday on Jennie Bender's My Spot blog. I gathered my stuff and started making them last night. I found this pattern on another crafty blog.
Then I used my scrapbooking scissors and paper to make these. I used gold and silver glitter glue and added the dots.

I holepunched a hole on two sides and strung a ribbon through. But... here is my problem... They are suppose to have a handle and hang kind of like a purse, but I can't hang them like that on the back of our metal chairs. So, I attached a magnet to the back of them. I am now trying to decide what to do with the handle. Here they are hanging on my fridge.
Leave it like this with a bow on the top.

Cut the ribbon and stream a pretty bead or two on the ribbon to add weight so the ribbon will hang nicely on each side. Obviously, I don't have a bead added here yet.

Just forget about the ribbon and go super simple.

What should I do? Or do you have any other ideas? I need some feedback.


Dani Joy said...

I am not really crafty but I like the one with the ribbon as is. It seems to be more complete.
But the simple one without the ribbon is ok too.
Way to go! How many are you doing? and what are they for?

Rachel Smith said...

These are for my ladies' meeting in June. My theme is "Precious Memories." I am decorating as if it were a wedding- one of a ladies' most precious memories.

I am making 30.

Jennie Bender said...

I ended up cutting the ribbon for the handle (I cut a little less than twice of what was needed), threading both sides of the ribbon through the sides of the cone to the inside of the cone, taking both ends of ribbon (now inside the cone) down to the bottom of the cone, letting both ends hang out the bottom of the cone. I dove tailed the ends. After all that was done, I glued the posies into the cones. I liked it best, but that is just me=) They look great, you did a beautiful job. They are deceiving, much work!

Are they going on pews, chairs, plates? How are you displaying them? Did you use the double sided tape, it works really well.

I have some long ones to make for a wedding this next week, about twenty or so. I am making them out of leftover aisle runner. I hope it works for real, not just in theory (in my mind!.

They look great. I am sure you are such a bright spot to your new church! Such fun things going on all the time!!! Have a good day!

John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

Hey Rachel,
I really like the one with the ribbon handle fully made up and just "there"... it is a beautiful ribbon and really added to the look -
have a great day!

Rachel Smith said...

Thanks for your input!

It looks like hanging ribbon on the sides with beads is out, but the ribbon definately needs to be in somehow.

These are going on the backs of our metal chairs.

I used double sided tape on the inside, but I used a glue stick for the outside where the scalloped
edge is. I like the way it lays better.

HOPE said...

They are beautiful Rachel!

Just a thought...I might use a thinner ribbon and my preference is always a sheer with the stripe..white on white...and just tie a small bow and let drape right from the front or slightly to the side to show the nice embellishments you chose. I might also add a pearl to the center of the ribbon...

or use the ribbon you have and tie a bow slightly to the side...clip the ends at an angle and add pearl to center of bow.

MHO...my humble opinion..

I offered to make something like this for a friends wedding recently...she lives far away though and decided not to use the idea...

Can't wait to see them on display..the magnet is a terriffic idea too!

Blessings to you..

HOPE said...

Just remembered...I like to add a very tiny pearl strand to arrangements like this...maybe weave through the flowers..or have a little drape with the ribbon.

Hope this helps...

HOPE said...

Just saw your Creative Ladies Ministry on the sidebar...great resource...

she has a good layout for planning...

Thanks for sharing this...


Rachel Smith said...


Thanks a lot. I think that I will tie my bow to the side, and I like the idea of a pearl being used. I think I already have some pearls I could use.

I agree that I need a smaller ribbon, but I am stuck with this one due to -- I already have it, and I am trying to keep my cost really low.

I love the Creative Ladies' Ministry. I get lots of ideas from there and make them my own.