Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Showers of Blessings

So, I never made it back to the computer yesterday to update this blog. I got caught up in some crafting stuff for my ladies' meeting. The meeting is not until June 16th, but I have a lot to create myself in order to keep the meeting inexpensive yet fabulous.

What's Up with us? Our days have been packed with the end of school events, church activities, and household stuff. Last week Aaron and I did squeeze in a half day at the beach with the boys while the girls were in school. We missed having the girls with us, but at the same time it was good to go without them. The kids are so young that we have to keep a very close eye on all four of them. There is a strong undertow on Dauphin Island. It was nice to each only have one child to hang on to. Aaron and I were able to relax a little more. We are going to try to go one more time this Thursday. Then school will be out, and we will gladly take all four of them.

God is so good to us!! As I have said before, we are so glad that school is almost out. We are excited to have found a good church school to enroll the kids in for the upcoming school years. We have been concerned for the cost and how we were going to afford it. It is more expensive here than it was in IN. We started looking around for a part time job for me. The thing is I didn't want to have to be away from the kids for the summer and especially not during the school year when they are away from us most of the day anyway. It is important to us that WE are the ones training them. God has brought the perfect job to me!!! I will be tutoring a boy in reading for the summer. I will be using an intense tutoring curriculum called Lindamood-Bell. I will be tutoring him each day at the church from 9-12. I will still be right there for the kids if they need me. Aaron will be the one taking care of them while he works. It is great that we have a gym, a play ground, a t.v., and lots of kids' videos at the church for them to stay entertained during that time. Then we will still have all three meals together and all afternoon and evening to enjoy our summer. Our financial needs will be met! I am being paid well. I will make in the 8 weeks what we need to get all three kids enrolled, buy their books, pay all of the other miscellaneous fees, and pay the first month's tuition!! I am so thankful!! God has provided for us in a way that is just perfect for our family! I am still so amazed each time at how He cares and provides for us in every way! Then on top of this great tutoring job, He has provided an opportunity for me to be able to teach part time at the kids' school next year. So, tuition will be payed each month, and I will still be with the kids! On the days that I am teaching, Justus will be with Aaron, and if it is needed we will have a lady in the church watch Justus.

Today I am busy crafting for the ladies' meeting and cleaning around the house and spending time with the boys. Tonight we are going to a fish fry with our church's senior citizens group. Wednesdays are always busy and with no time to spare-speech, piano, baths, dinner, King's Kids. Maybe, I'll get to post again on Thursday.


Miranda said...

I've been praying for the situation with the kids for school next year! God truly is good! He knows exactly what we need! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend! You are a blessing to me!

Becky said...

Wow Rachel! I am glad that the Lord has blessed you. He is such so good.