Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Haircuts, Glasses, and a Praise

Today was the day of loooooong overdue haircuts.

Justus always does so well. Today the barber let him play with the brush.

Asher did not get a haircut. He looked through the newspaper.

Abbie was glad to get her haircut.

Chloe did not want a haircut.
But.... She liked it afterwards and looks sooooo much better.

On Thursday Chloe had an eye appointment, and we found out that she needs glasses. We picked them up today.


I told ya'll a few posts ago about my teaching part time at the kids' school next year. I have another praise concerning that. At first, I was being offered a teaching position in the Kindergarten classes. As most of you know, that is NOT my age group. I have my degrees in secondary ed. English and School Administration. All of my teaching experience, other than Sunday School, has been with junior high and high school- most of it being in English classes. I was willing to teach the Kindergarten if that was where I was needed, but I was really wanting and hoping for something different. Anyway, after seeing my resume, they have hired me to teach all of the high school English next year!!!! I am so excited! I am so thankful to the Lord!! They currently have an English teacher, but they want me for next year. The administrator said that he will be talking to her soon. Don't worry, she is not being fired. She is just being moved. I will also be teaching a geometry class. I am a little nervous about that class, because it will be a new one for me. It is one of those subjects that you have to use in order not to lose. I will be doing some extra math studying this summer. I haven't taught any math classes in several years. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I am so thrilled! God once again has provided for our needs and our wants!!


Jennie Bender said...

That is wonderful! The girls' haircuts look so cute. I love short bobs!

Becky said...

Oh Rachel, that is wonderful!!! So happy for you! The Lord is doing wonderful things through you. Oh, and all the kids look so cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Dani Joy said...

´What cute hair cuts! you really have your hands full.