Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Memorial Day

We had a great day of honoring and remembering America's soldiers yesterday. We took some flowers and some Thank You cards made by the kids to a POW from the Korean War that attends our church. We were going to go to the USS Alabama Memorial Park, but the rain just didn't let up enough until late in the day.

We made an unexpected trip to the doctor's office with Justus. His body was covered from head to toe with a rash. He has had a little bit of a rash around his mouth and on the tops of his legs for several weeks, but this came all of the sudden and everywhere. He has two different rashes. The one around his mouth and on his upper legs is a type of eczema that could be on going for a long time. The one that came so quickly is a viral rash easily treated with some benadryll.

We rented a couple of movies and watched them during all of the rain. Then when the rain finally stopped, we went swimming for a while and grilled some steaks.

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Becky said...

Awww, your poor son. I hope his rash clears up soon. My Brandon has trouble with rashes. Since he has gotten older it is not such a problem PTL. Glad you had a good Memorial Day, we did also, despite being a bit sick.