Friday, May 1, 2009

Quarantine Us

So....I said in my last post that I was feeling better, but Asher had a fever. He has also been complaining for a few weeks of his stomache, side, and back hurting. I took him to the doctor. They did a urine test. It was fine. They did a blood test. It came back saying that he had some inflammation somewhere in his body and they scheduled a CT scan. Yesterday morning we went to the hospital and he had the CT scan. We do not know the results yet. We may get them today. We may not get them until Monday. We are praying that they will find the inflammation quickly and that it can be easily treated.

Chloe came home from school yesterday and didn't feel well. I took her temperature---101.2. Several people in our church family are sick with flu like symptoms as well. We are planning a major lysol wiping and spraying at church. All door handles, drawer knobs, light switches, etc... are soon to be sanitized. Pray for all of us to get rid of this. We are just passing it around and around over and over again.


Anna Ruwersma said...

Hope you all get well soon! It's nice to see how the Lord is blessing His work. We think and pray for you often. Love ya!

Becky said...

Oh Rachel, I am so sorry that your little boy is sick. I will keep all of you and your church family in my prayers.

The Sommer Family said...

Hey Rachel, Sorry everybody is so sick!!! Makes for lots of springtime fun, I'm sure :(
Hope you all get feeling better soon!