Sunday, May 3, 2009

Seriously, What is Going On?

Asher's CT scan came back normal, but the blood work showed inflammation somewhere. So.... the doctor ordered some more blood work and a stool sample to see if anything can be found. If not, we are assuming that all is back to normal right now.

I seriously don't know whether to laugh or cry. Yesterday morning on the way to the church Abigail threw up all over the van. Her temperature is 101. She threw up all night, and it still hasn't stopped. We are just passing this from one to the other over and over. It has got to leave this house!!!!

Today is a big day at church. We have a big ministry involvement promotion going on tonight. We have the gym set up with decorated tables for each ministry of our church. Each table has information on what that ministry does and there are sign up sheets for our members to sign and get involved. It is sort of like a job fair only it is a ministry fair. I am hoping and praying that Abbie will have stopped throwing up so we can go. I am the ministry leader for two tables. I really need to be there.


Deborah said...

Oh, I know how you are feeling! I'm quarentined here at home until these chicken pox pass through, as not everyone is thrilled to expose their kids!
Thankfully I am only involved with our kids club, and they can manage without me, as long as I get the required paper work done at home.

John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

Praying for you!!!
I got the stomach bug last week-but just for a day... our school has been hit.. I think that's where I had contact... one class had 1/2 the students missing one day.. and another school a little N of us closed its doors for 2 days i think...

BTW-when you're feeling better, I can't wait to see what you all do for your ministry fair... we have one also (end of the month) and it's neat to see how other churches do things..

Becky said...

Hi Rachel, you have been in my thoughts and prayers and your son too. Try not worry about the ministry fair, remember, it is the Lord's and He will take care of all. I will continue to pray. Sending you a hug.